Freecom Classic Drive 250 GB

Freecom Classic Drive 250 GB
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    Freecom...or Expensive con? - 4 / 10

    UK Ciao - 06-2008

    Please take a few seconds to rate this at the end - it helps me know if its meaningful or not and I can improve accordingly Ok... Its big...its hums quietly in the corner. Oh..and its made by Freecom - a manufacturer I previously thought...

    Decent bit of kit for the money - 8 / 10

    UK Ciao - 10-2006

    I have had this drive for just over a year now and I can say I am totally happy with it. I was a little annoyed at first to find that it only actually comes with 230GB available for storage. However I still haven't quite filled it, even with my...

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