Maxtor Basics Desktop 500 GB

Maxtor Basics Desktop 500 GB
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    Maxtor Basics Desktop 500 GB: 'Basic'ally, a bit rubbish - 4 / 10

    UK Dooyoo - 07-2010

    I am not sure what to think about the Maxtor Basics 500GB external hard drive. First of all, it's a bit of an ugly old brick (not that this really matters - I'd rather have a cheap eyesore than an attractive rip-off like a LaCie drive), but what...

    Maxtor Basics Hard drive - perfect for your storage needs - 8 / 10

    UK Dooyoo - 04-2010

    The Maxtor 500GB external hard drive offers good value for money. It does exactly what it is marketed to do - stores your files. It's safe, easy to install and also places a link to your desktop for easy access. In the "my computer" section of your...

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