Maxtor Basics Portable 250 GB

Maxtor Basics Portable 250 GB
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    Maxtor Basics Portable 250 GB: A great bit of kit! - 10 / 10

    UK Dooyoo - 09-2011

    I had never really needed an external hard drive before, not being that into technology, I thought my computers had all the space they needed. But when I was closing down a business and getting rid of the computer I realised i needed somewhere to...

    All the space you could need... - 10 / 10

    UK Dooyoo - 04-2010

    Why have a hard drive? Well there are numerous reasons, a few of which I will run through before telling you about the product. ~~Firstly, a lot of computers these days, being so complicated, have the tendency to crash regularly, and seeing as many...

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