Maxtor BlackArmor 320 GB

Maxtor BlackArmor 320 GB
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    Seagate Maxtor BlackArmor Encrypted Hard Drive - 9 / 10

    PC World - 02-2009

    The Seagate Maxtor BlackArmor ($135 for 320GB) is a marvel of simplicity. It's the first external hard drive with full-disk encryption--the encryption chip resides on the hard drive's circuitry. According to Seagate, all of the data is encrypted on...

    Maxtor BlackArmor 320GB Review - 7 / 10

    Digital Trends - 07-2008

    Get government-level security with the highly encrypted Maxtor BlackArmor hard drive, available in 160GB and 320GB sizes. Summary If you’re the paranoid type or just someone who cannot afford to have his or her data stolen, the Maxtor BlackArmor...

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    Maxtor Blackarmor 320 GB: A reliable and portable hard drive, with full drive encrypti ... - 10 / 10

    UK Dooyoo - 06-2010

    I bought one of these Maxtor BlackArmor external hard drives last summer as I was working away from home and wanted a more portable external drive that did not require mains power to function. This drive is the perfect size to carry round tucked...

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