Maxtor OneTouch I 250 GB USB2.0/FireWire

Maxtor OneTouch I 250 GB USB2.0/FireWire
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    Backup Missus? - 8 / 10

    UK Ciao - 03-2006

    What is the Maxtor OneTouch II Firewire and USB 250GB? It is a 250GB external harddrive, that has both firewire and usb connectors and a one touch system backup (if using the provided software). It comes in a stylish aluminium casing with a blue...

    A very handy external hard disk! - 8 / 10

    UK Ciao - 06-2004

    ...activity light. By installing the maxtor program for the OneTouch feature, pressing the OneTouch button launches the backup software that can also be installed from the CD. The good news is that you can re-assign the button to launch ANY program...

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