Maxtor OneTouch I 300 GB

Maxtor OneTouch I 300 GB
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    Maxtor OneTouch 300GB Review - 9 / 10

    Digital Trends - 02-2004

    This year we got the chance to test Maxtor’s new One-Touch 300GB external drive which promises even larger storage capacities and many improvements over previously released drives. Summary We liked Maxtor’s 5000DV external FireWire/USB 2.0 hard...

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    Maxtor OneTouch 300GB User Reviews - 2 / 10

    Digital Trends - 06-2009

    This is ridiculous. Five years of work backed up for about a year, now I can’t access it. It ended up being a $250.00 metronome. Click, click, click… Rating: 2 :: 1 out of 1 people found this user review helpful.

    Maxtor OneTouch 300GB User Reviews - 2 / 10

    Digital Trends - 02-2009

    I have bought Maxtor One Touch 500G Ext HDD just a few days ago.Only it worked one time! When I put my valuable data into the External HDD, I could not access to my data again,the shop says we can’t do anything for your data but only we can change...

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