Maxtor Shared Storage Plus 500 GB

Maxtor Shared Storage Plus 500 GB
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    Maxtor Shared Storage Plus Drive - 6 / 10 - 03-2006

    The good: The Maxtor Shared Storage Plus drive is simple to set up, has USB ports for network printers, and is expandable via USB ports. It supports UPnP and DLNA media serving and has a nicely designed HTML interface and software. The bad: The...

    Maxtor Shared Storage Drive review - 8 / 10

    UK Trusted Reviews - 10-2005

    Maxtor Shared Storage Drive Peripheral review: Maxtor's external hard drives have always been impressive, but the Shared Storage Drive throws network connectivity into the equation.

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    "Excellent NAS drive for the price." - 10 / 10 - 08-2010

    Pros Fast reliable performance. Seamless streaming. Runs cool, quiet and stable. Cons Gigabit eithernet would be nice but anyone connecting to it wirelessly via router could care less. Summary This drive replaced my worthless 500GB WD Mybook NAS...

    "Cannot stream video as advertised" - 1 / 10 - 09-2008

    Pros Nice form factor.Mostly works. Cons Very poor customer support. Ignores major problems brought to their attention by customers. Athough it advertises media streaming (including video), it does not stream avi's encoded as DivX or XviD.Once...

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