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Opoona - Wii

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    Talk Playstation - 05/03/2010

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    Opoona (Wii)

    DarkZero - 10/03/2008

    In case you hadn’t noticed, the Wii’s audience is currently split more-or-less cleanly in two. Most Wii owners fall into one of two camps - the people who bought into all the family-friendly ‘casual’ stuff and are loving it to pieces, and everyone...

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    • Opoona

      Jeux Vidéo.com - 01/19/2015
    • Opoona

      Jeux Vidéo.com - 01/19/2015
    • Opoona

      Jeux Vidéo.com - 01/19/2015
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The first Wii release to exclusively use the Nunchuk for controls, Opoona is a role-playing game featuring whimsical, bulbous characters and a cartoon-like art style. Young Opoona and his family are separated after their spaceship crashes on Planet Landroll. Before Opoona can begin the epic trek to locate his family, he must first befriend the local populace and enlist in various jobs to contribute to the close-knit community. When Opoona learns that evil creatures known as Dark Rogues are threatening the planet, he vows to stop them using skills passed down to him from generations of noble warriors called "Cosmo Guards." Opoona's primary attack involves flinging an "energy bonbon," a spherical projectile controlled with the Nunchuk's analog stick. Together with his new friends, Opoona will engage in numerous real-time battles while searching the world for his revered relatives.
Tech Details:
Control Elements : Gamepad/Joystick
Release Year : 2008
Key Features:
Rating : E10+
Genre : RPG
Platform : Nintendo Wii

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