SmartDisk FireLite 40 GB FireWire

SmartDisk FireLite 40 GB FireWire
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    Super Slim - 8 / 10 - 01-2006

    Pros: Smallest portable drive that I've encountered. Lightens the traveling load. Overall pretty reliable. Cons: This is pretty much just a laptop drive, some tin foil and a case. It will probably not last forever.

    SMARTDISK FireLite 40GB 5400 RPM 2.5" IEEE 1394a External Hard Drive Model FWFL40 - 8 / 10 - 01-2005

    Comments: Handy little drive that can fit in your backpack front pocket or a briefcase without hogging space. Great for transferring files as it’s better than trying to get a zip disk or pen flash cards as the 512 cost as much as this does and holds...

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