Western Digital My Book Premium ES Edition 500 GB

Western Digital My Book Premium ES Edition 500 GB
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    500 GB External Drives Tested

    Tom's Hardware - 08-2007

    The hard drive as we know it has changed. It is still a small box of iron casting with rotating platters inside, but it is no longer just the place where you install your operating system and some applications. The hard drive is...

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    workaround NOT working!! - 4 / 10

    Newegg.com - 01-2007

    Pros: Easy to install and use. Cons: My friend has a couple of these "My Books" and he had a noticed a problem of the drive not recognizing the content of his folders. He found a workaround by moving the USB plug from the front of his desktop box to...

    Avoid like the PLAGUE!! - 2 / 10

    Newegg.com - 01-2007

    Pros: Good price for 500GB backup...BUT see Cons below. Cons: LOST 97% OF MY DATA I HAD BACKED UP!!!! I had this thing connected via eSATA. Well, this past weekend, my power went out while the drive was on. When I went back to look at some stuff on...

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